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I write painfully midwestern science fiction and fantasy as J. Z. Kelley.

The Z doesn’t stand for anything.

Born and raised in Indiana, I currently live in Michigan with my husband and our cats, Basil and Wooley. Wooley is the (comparatively) smart one. Basil eats carpet lint.

Two cats lie side-by-side on top of a blue hoodie on a green woven outdoor chair. The cat on the left is an orange tabby with a permanently sad expression. The cat on the right is a black-and-white tabby with long whiskers and a crooked mustache.
Basil (left) and Wooley (right)

In addition to reading and writing, I enjoy nail art, tabletop games, old cookbooks, escape rooms, reality dating competitions, and volunteering with the humane society.

I think I could take Sean Connery’s Bond in a fistfight, and I want to.

Sometimes (rarely), I tweet at @jzkelleywrites.

If you actually need to reach me, please send an email to